Driveways & Block Paving in West Lothian

  • Driveways & Block Paving

    At Ace our specialist service is driveways so whether it is a tarmac driveway, pressed paving or decorative gravel driveway. We can offer our customers a first class job and deliver a guaranteed top quality service at every stage from start to finish. All our driveways come with a full 10 year guarantee as standard.

    Here at Ace we have designed and built many styles and sizes of driveways, using block paving, natural stone paving, tarmac, permeable paving and many more high quality materials, so whatever style or type of driveway you are interested in, we can do it for you!

    The Importance of Driveway Groundwork

    At Ace we understand the great importance of the excavation process to allow for the correct depth of foundation and all the technical implications to be implemented to ensure all of our driveways have sufficient foundations. The biggest problem people have with driveways going wrong is the companies they use don't do the correct groundwork's from the start leading to normally in short period of time, driveways moving and causing other problems. Here at Ace we make sure all groundwork's are carried out the way they should be.

    Monoblock Driveways in West Lothian and Central Scotland

    We also do driveways in Bathgate, Livingston Falkirk, Stirling, Edinburgh and throguhout central Scotland.
  • Block Paving

    At Ace we also offer a wide range of block paving products and services so whether you are looking for a block paving driveway, patio, path, or garden feature. Ace can offer you a wide range of designs, ideas and styles to great something for your garden that will really stand out and create the WOW factor. We can help you choose the right products from the right manufacturers and suppliers - we know what works well!

    Adding Value to Your Property

    Block paving driveways not only add value to your home, they also are very hard-wearing and load bearing meaning you don't have to be worried about leaving your car on the driveway for long periods of time. Block Paving driveways normally require very low maintenance so once the work has been completed you can simply enjoy without having to worry. It also greatly improves the appearance of your property almost instantly and can really add the WOW factor to your home.